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The Albion Economic Development Corporation works to recruit and assist business and industry in the greater Albion area. We seek innovative, collaborative, solutions to modern business challenges, always mindful of the rich natural, economic, and cultural heritage of our community.

Peggy Sindt

Neely Kent
Office Manager
The Albion Economic Development Corporation (EDC) manages three nonprofit corporations which work in close cooperation to encourage a healthy and growing economy for Albion. Through the management of the TIFA and the BRA, the corporation works to recruit new business to the Albion area and also works with existing companies in Albion facing a variety of issues and challenges in the modern business world.

The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) is responsible for redevelopment of contaminated or abandoned commercial and industrial property.

The EDC/TIFA board is appointed by the Mayor and meets the first Thursday of each month at the EDC offices.

The Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) plans and administers economic development activities in a special district encompassing the Albion Industrial Park and the surrounding area. Tax revenues from this area are used by TIFA to fund economic development projects.

EDC and TIFA are responsible for other projects vital to Albion's economy such as the Revolving Loan Fund, incentive assistance, and a variety of other pro-growth initiatives. If you would like more information about the economic services provided by EDC and TIFA, please contact us using any of the tools on our contact page.

The EDC/TIFA/BRA board is appointed by the Mayor and meets the first Thursday of each month at the EDC offices. Current members and officers of the board are:

Mike Frandsen, Chairperson
Joyce Spicer, Vice Chairperson
Herm McCall, Treasurer
Ray Campbell, Secretary
Ed Haas
Art Kale 
Bernie Konkle
Joseph Domingo
Scott Allread

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